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Nanjing held in Jiangsu electric wire and cable products special rectification work conference

文章出处: 作者: 人气:863 发表时间:2016/12/01

In order to conscientiously implement the requirements of the State Council on product quality and food safety special rectification, the better development of wire and cable products special rectification work, improve the province's overall level of wire and cable products quality and market competitiveness. Jiangsu province in September 10, 2007, in Nanjing province's wire and cable special rectification work conference held. The meeting pointed out that the 10 kinds of wire and cable products is related to people's health and safety is an important product of national product quality and food safety special rectification, Jiangsu wire and cable production big province, the existing more than 2 thousand enterprises, output ranked first in the country. There are 4 enterprises to obtain Chinese brand-name products, 23 enterprises to obtain national Mianjian products, 37 companies won the brand-name products in Jiangsu, 22 pilot enterprises to implement the standard of good conduct. However, there are still a lot of problems in the industry.

Mainly in: first, the product grade is not high; the two is the number of superior products is small; three is illegal expansion of production; four is the production and use of unlicensed products without a license is still exist. These issues directly affect the health and safety of people, affecting the development of the entire industry, to carry out special rectification work of electric wire and cable is very necessary and urgent task. The meeting stressed that the rectification should focus on key products, key enterprises and key areas, establish a comprehensive enterprise quality files, crack down on undocumented production of illegal activities, the quality safety problems of concentration and control of key areas, to ensure the realization of six objectives at the end of 2007: one is the establishment of enterprise quality file all wire and cable production enterprises; two is the relevant provisions by the the enterprise production conditions are in conformity with the production license; three is the personal health and safety have been sold endanger the unqualified recall of all products; four is the certified product pass rate reached more than 90%, among them large enterprises reached more than 95%; five is the basic solution of undocumented production problems; six key areas the fake major illegal activities have been eliminated.

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Address: Industrial C District, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province