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Daming Cable Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Province, Wuxi Daming Cable Co., Ltd. was founded in 1981,,1998, wire and cable, special cable professional production enterprises, registered trademarks of &ldquo ” Xi ming;. With the AAA credit grade AAA, quality and integrity of member units, the company won the “ China famous brands, Chinese BrandName, China enterprises, brand-name products in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province star enterprise, quality products in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu province quality trustworthy enterprise, trust products, the market recognized brand names, fake rights Specification for enterprises in Wuxi City, a contract and trustworthy enterprise without complaint, wire and cable industry association of Yixing city &rdquo members and other honorary titles.
     Company covers an area of 60 thousand square meters, construction area of 35 thousand square meters, green area of 12 thousand square meters, the registered capital of 175 million 800 thousand yuan, 130 million yuan of fixed assets, working capital of 155 million yuan, annual production capacity of 850 million yuan. Company staff more than and 250 people, the company has advanced production testing equipment, strong technical force, with a strong product development, development capabilities. The main products are: PVC insulated wires, cables and wires, power cables, control cables, rubber sheathed cables, computer shielded cable, coaxial radio-frequency cable screen, flame retardant and fire resistant special wire and cable, complete specifications. The company has three mandatory wire and cable “ C” authentication and control cables in the national industrial production permit, wire and cable of the national industrial products production license, the State Ministry of public security fire products network license and other qualification certificates, and passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification.
    The increasingly fierce market competition and opportunities facing the economic globalization brings, the company adhere to the quality policy: the use of advanced technology and scientific management, standardized operation, safe and reliable production, quality service to ensure customer satisfaction, innovation class struggle. Products from raw materials to the production process strictly self inspection, mutual inspection, inspection, special inspection and final inspection “ five ” system, strict control, check, genuine goods at a fair price quality products to meet customer needs. 
     The company is located in Chinese cable City, Guan Lin town land of plenty, elegant scenery, we warmly welcome friends from all circles to visit, work together to build a better tomorrow.
     Welcome to the national toll free telephone:4007790866

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Address: Industrial C District, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province